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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

I’m a mom of 23-month-old baby girl. I love her so much and holding & feeding her gave me such a delightful joy but it was not the only thing that I gained. Carpal tunnel syndrome is especially not welcome by a mom taking care of a new born. Patience is the first virtue to be a good mother and this syndrome took much of my patience over baby’s crying!

I tried everything -except surgery & acupuncture. Surgery scared me and acupuncture was just so-so when I tried it for my low back pain a long time ago. But at the time, an acquaintance introduced me Dr.Wan. I was not so sure of that but her strong recommendation made me end up with visiting. And now I am so happy to type this testimonial without pain on my wrists. My girl must also be happy to have a mom with more patience. To all those who want to be a good mom, I’m saying taking good care of yourselves should come first. And to those who live in auckland, you’re lucky to have Dr.Wan to help. 🙂



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