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Fractured ankle & Torn tendon Relief

It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Wan. I sustained a fractured ankle and torn tendon in 2016 and as a result, severely limited my physical ability to return to dance and other activities. Despite being dedicated to all the advice and exercises from my Physio and specialist, my body often hit an impasse at a certain level... Read more »

Explored the causes of my shoulder and neck pain

Best acupuncture clinic I have ever been! Wan is a very gentle and sensible person. He examined my problem from the holistic point of view, and explored the causes of my shoulder and neck pain together with me. Now I am pain free! šŸ™‚ after a few regular treatment + suggested exercise.



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

I’m a mom of 23-month-old baby girl. I love her so much and holding & feeding her gave me such a delightful joy but it was not the only thing that I gained. Carpal tunnel syndrome is especially not welcome by a mom taking care of a new born. Patience is the first virtue to be a good mother and

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Sciatica Pain Relief

When I came to see Wan I had been relieved of about 25% of my sciatica pain by a chiropractor.

Unfortunately I had to end my treatment with Wan a little early because I was going to live in another city, but over the few weeks I was treated by him and achieved something like 95% relief! Iā€™m very pleased

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