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Polymyalgia Rheumatica Relief

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I find myself in the position of writing this reference and endorsement for Wan Yoon, acupuncturist.

Early 2013, I was overcome with what was diagnosed as Polymyalgia Rheumatica, a disease that stole all of my energy and strength, leaving me in the hands of modern medicine and destined to a minimum 2-3 years at the best and a lifetime at the worst on Prednisone steroid anti inflammatory.

When diagnosed with the illness, I straightaway visited our regular naturopath for alternative treatment. She immediately treated me with natural remedies, but recommended the services of Wan in addition, suggesting that he would be able to help.

Long story short and no more than 10 months later, I was confirmed as being fully cured from the PMR, came off the Prednisone tablets permanently and have since regained full strength and energy, leaving no sign of the illness.

I am indebted to the intelligence and understanding of Wan, who took the time and had full confidence in his own ability to understand the illness, the areas that were effected and to cure me. Without the treatment from Wan there is absolutely no doubt that I would still be taking steroids,struggling in long term recovery.

Thank you Wan, I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone for treatment of any ailment. I know that if it were not possible for you to cure, you would say so, the corollary being that if you say you can cure it is with absolute confidence and ability.”



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