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What causes the Neck pain?

In my practice, about 7-8 people out of 10 have stiffness or pain in their neck. It’s not difficult to discover the neck issue even if they came for some other problems. Too much use of computer, stress, bad postures,etc contribute sore neck. Let’s look at the simple muscle lever system on the neck.


As you see above, AF(applied force) should be applied to sustain R(resistance). That means when there is more Resistance, the stronger AF should be applied otherwise the head will drop. That’s why the back of your neck gets tight (AF) when you spend long hours looking at the computer screen or playing with your phone with your head pushed low and forward (R).

Now let’s look at the primary muscle that controls the neck flexion.

Sternocleidomastoid (SCM)
You can easily see and palpate this muscle when you turn your head to the either side. When this shortens,it pushes your head forward (more Resistance).

What can we do?
Simply massage SCM muscle and do the stretch shown below will help you correct the slouched posture. You can do this as often as possible throughout the day. I recommend you to set the timer on your mobile every 20 – 30 mins so you won’t forget to do your stretch.

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